Our Constitution

We Care About the Environment

Being artists, illustrators, and creatives at heart, NFTs are always something we’ve had great interest in. That said, our deep concern for the environment, and our belief that every human needs to make a meaningful contribution to the repair of a natural environment that has been abused and destroyed for so long, made us hesitent to enter the space. That is why we are so happy to have found Algorand. Not only is the technology built to be eco-efficient, but the carbon negative pledge of the blockchain gave us an entry into the NFT ecosystem, and will allow us to build on causes we care about without worry that we are having a negative impact on the environment.

We Care About Mental Health & Happiness

Our first project, The Happy Broadcast, was started in response to combat all the negativity that we were seeing in the world. News headlines were filled with so much negative content that it was often hard to think that the world was a good place. By leveraging his artistic talents, our founder turned illustrations of positive news events into a widely recognized channel that is followed, shared and liked by millions of people each month. The Happy Broadcast’s focus on positivity led to the discovery by our team that mental health could be impacted by surrounding yourself with positivity. That realization is what led to the launch of our happiness app, WHOLE. WHOLE is a personal trainer for your mental health, packaging science-backed methods of improving mental health into a helpful companion app that tens of thousands of people use each month to guide their happiness journey. Algo Solmates is the next step for our project, as we look to bring visual reminders of positivity into the blockchain ecosystem, visuals that come with perks and utility that tie back to our mission of helping to improve mental health and happiness in society

We Value Our Community

Other than art, it is hard to argue that anything is more important to an NFT project than its community. After all, the ability of NFTs to take art to another level are rooted in the fact that they can be something besides the art itself...and that something is the access and membership to a community that they represent.

Our core existence is the result of community, as we would not exist if it were not for the 1M+ followers we have on social media who consume, engage with, and share our content on a daily basis. That is why we pledge to always do what the community feels is best when it comes to the direction of the Algo Solmates project. We will pledge that we will:

Reward our Algo Solmates community with access to future shuffles, releases, and drops.

Provide ongoing utility for holders of Algo Solmates in the form of premium access to the WHOLE app, bonus airdrops of NFTs, free access to content, and many other ways that reward our community for being an active participant in our happiness project.

Listen to our community and always try to keep the best interests of our members in mind.

Projects that will thrive in the ever-changing blockchain ecosystem are ones that always make the best interests of their community their first and foremost priority. Without community, an NFT project cannot survive...so we thank you and vow to always remember that you are the reason we exist.