WARNING: Algo Solmates does not have a token.
Anyone marketing an Algo Solmates Token is a fraud.

What are Algo Solmates?

An NFT project built on the eco-friendly Algorand blockchain featuring “Sol”, the core character of the mental wellness app WHOLE. Algo Solmates intend to bring awareness to mental health topics and help destigmatize them. Ownership of an Algo Solmate not only includes the custom illustrative character, but also real-world perks.

The Perks

Whole Premium Access

Algo Solmate owners receive a free annual membership to WHOLE (worth $20), a mental health & wellness app from the creators of The Happy Broadcast.

Giving back to Mental Health

25% of Algo Solmate proceeds  benefit “Active Minds,” a premier organization promoting mental health awareness and education to young adults.

Green NFTs on Algorand

NFTs are often thought of as environmentally damaging, but Algo Solmates are built on the carbon-negative Algorand Blockchain.

Join in on the Conversation

Algo Solmate holders participate in games, polls, giveaways, discussions, and more. Holders  also receive whitelist status for future NFT drops.

The Team

Sol Davide

The artist

Professional illustrator with 20+ years long experience, he works with a variety of international clients. A lover of creative challenges and experimentation, he turns even the most ordinary things into fun and unique characters.

Sol Mauro


An accomplished creator of Emmy Award winning shows and illustrations liked by 100’s of millions of people on social media. A lifelong mental health advocate with a passion for bringing positivity to the world.

Sol Keith


A serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful businesses and who’s passions include emerging blockchain technologies that have the potential to improve society and the planet as a whole.

Algo Solmate Series Stats

Generative Algo Solmates (1000/1000)



Over 300 individual traits that readily conform with ARC69.

Customized Algo Solmates (4/200)



Unique Algo Solmates minted for special cases such as for collaborations, features, community gifts, or competition prizes.


Algo Solmates website, Twitter & IG launched

Algo Solmates community discord opens

IG live conversation on @the_happy_broadcast

Initial whitelist process revealed

Obtain NFTexplorer verification

Whitelist winners announced and presale completed (50 Algo Solmates)

Partner Project Whitelist Shuffles (MNGO, AOWL)

Public Shuffle #1 (March 14, 2022)

Public Shuffle #2 (March 21, 2022)

Public Shuffle #3 (April 4, 2022)

Algo Solmate integration into WHOLE app launched

Project Roadmap Revealed, including new app features, staking rewards and more

...stay tuned for more.

Giving back

An important aspect of the Algorand NFT community is social consciousness. Algo Solmates looks to support mental health projects throughout the world. Each quarter, we will select a charity to be the recipient of a donation equal to 25% of the net proceeds from the primary sale of all Algo Solmates. The Algo Solmate community selects charities to support through our holder voting channel in discord. You can see our past donations here.

25% of net proceeds go to benefit mental health projects

The Happy Broadcast and WHOLE

Algo Solmates is the debut NFT project from The Happy Broadcast (“THB”), an award winning, venture-backed company launched in 2018 with 1M+ followers across social media. THB’s purpose is to improve happiness through positive content, engaging illustrations, and tools & services that focus on improved mental health. Algo Solmate holders receive a free lifetime premium subscription to join our community in our new happiness app WHOLE.

Check the Happy broadcast